About Us

T I M E B A U B L E S was founded in 2019 by Mark & Ted - a couple of Filipino watch enthusiasts who are passionate with watches and always on a look-out for premium grade straps that are reasonably-priced and in high quality finish.

Product Overview

Our team is dedicated to ensure that every element of our products are crafted and finished with the strictest attention to detail.

Leather Straps

We sourced natural and prime leather for all of our leather straps with wide range of colors and materials available. Our straps are available in various sizes (18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm & 22mm), and with thickness of approximately 2.5mm.

Single Pass Nato Straps

Our single pass Nato straps are made of buff woven nylon fibers offering the perfect balance of durability and comfort. This 275mm straps feature 13 buckle holes to accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes.


Our hardware is fashioned from brushed stainless steel down to both the keeper of our buff nylon Nato straps. All buckles are tastefully engraved with our logo inside to allow a refined overall aesthetic. All leather straps are equipped with quick-release spring bars to allow easy replacement of straps without needing any tools.

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